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The complete guide to SMB cybersecurity

An MSP or IT department has the responsibility of monitoring the network for malware attacks. Increasingly, small businesses are being targeted by phishing and ransomware attacks. These scams are often propagated through email, so employee education and awareness are vital elements of prevention.

The best mobile apps for business leaders on the go

Your day begins and end with your business, but whether you use iOS or Android, you have access to great apps that let you work on the go. We’ve compiled a list of the best apps for busy business leaders, broken down into three key categories: communications, productivity and finance.

Watch out for Internet Scams

Internet scams are an ever-increasing concern on the web as more and more of them begin to show up and have affected many computer users. An important thing to note regarding internet scams is that Microsoft will never make, or prompt for, unsolicited phone calls to help fix your computer. Any pop up you see […]

Virtual Walls to Protect Intel CPUs

Intel’s plan to save cloud computing is to make walls, virtually. Earlier this year we released an alert to our customers regarding the Intel vulnerabilities Spectre and Meltdown. Intel has now released plans to install “Virtual Fences” in all future CPUs, starting with Cascade Lake (codenamed). “We have redesigned parts of the processor to introduce […]

Meltdown Vulnerability and What to Do

We are aware of, and are actively working to protect against the latest Meltdown / Spectre vulnerability. What’s the problem? In the 1990’s in order to speed up processors, chip engineers began using “speculative execution” in order to try and guess what data would be needed next. Much like if you were a salesperson and […]

Rollback Windows 10 Creators Update

Creators updates are great when they add features and fix problems. But many of our customers are finding that they can also cause software issues and cause strange hardware issues due to their driver updates. It’s important to note that you do have the ability to rollback those Windows 10 Creator updates if they fall […]