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Firefox is the Best It has Ever Been

Firefox recently update their browser and it is promising a significant upgrade in speed. This stems from better memory management so it will benefit both low and high end models. While I have used Google Chrome for years, I thought I would try out the new Firefox this week and I was really impressed. Switching […]

New Ways Antivirus is Being Licensed

There are new ways for small businesses to protect their computers. Before, anti-virus software was typically licensed to computers by using stand-alone licenses, or computers (client) receiving their antivirus from a local server hosting the software. When it comes time to renew the license in a non-managed environment it can become tedious and time consuming […]

Why do Our Mobile Phones Always Slow Down?

We’ve all seen it; A new version of your phone comes out, and there’s a noticeable drop in speed and performance on yours, and perhaps even a slew of new bugs and strange behaviors you face on the older phone.  We start to believe that maybe the manufacturer of the phone does this on purpose, […]

How AI will bring on World War 3

We all know the famous movie line, “I’ll be back…”.  Spoken by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the 1984 cult classic sci-fi Movie, “The Terminator”, it’s become the punchline in a series of movies regarding a not so distant future in with artificially intelligent robots take over the world and attempt destroy humanity.  Then when we […]

WIFI – Reliability, Speed, or Both?

Accessing the internet wirelessly is standard these days.  In fact, using a cable seems outdated and difficult in the world today.  There are many things to consider when looking into a WIFI solution in your home or business these days:  Routers, protocols/ frequencies, range, building structure, and WIFI usage.  With so many things to consider […]

Will the Desktop PC Disappear?

Finally, the great debate, with so many questions swirling within its midst.  From the business to the home, desktop PC’s have for many years been the staple and most affordable option in the computing world.  Even when laptops came out, they were bulky, inconvenient, and failed often.  It seemed as if nothing could ever touch […]

Is Bluetooth Ready for Tomorrow?

Wireless technology has shaped the industry since even the very first radio.  We have been working at perfecting every wireless tech, from radios, to satellite, cell phone networks to WIFI and Bluetooth.  However, for the first time, the companies that design our newest phones are deciding that we must embrace some of the newest wireless […]

Tech Buying Tips

There are always advertisements- online, on the television, while we hold for customer services, and on the radio that tell us what to buy.  But there’s not nearly as much that talks about how to buy.  When it comes to the Tech world, there’s a ton of questions floating around regarding what’s the latest, is […]

Wireless Tech and WiFi

Network cables, coaxial lines, phone cords… these all sound like inconvenient ancient technology in today’s world.  It’s hard to imagine the first iPhone was only released 10 years ago.  It is, however, quite easy to see how the phones have grown over the last decade, and how we use them every day has changed as […]

Hard Drive Tech and the Future

Computers have them, cars have them, phones, tablets and televisions have them.  Hard drives store all of the digital information in existence.   Whether it’s in your little laptop you were gifted 5 years ago, your Smart TV that you keep trying to finish the final season of The Office on Netflix, or a server at […]