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Work Remotely with Security

In today’s digital world, it has become commonplace to let employees work remotely, as it can boost creativity, contribute to employee satisfaction, and studies have proven that it does not negatively impact business. The accessibility to systems that allow companies to adopt this practice is extremely beneficial, especially during this time, when remote work is […]

Common threats to avoid

Email threats Spoofing A very common threat right now comes from bad actors attempting to impersonate your co-workers and employers. If you know they’re a scammer, you wont respond to them of course! So they try to trick you into believing that you’re talking to someone you know and trust, through email and web threats. […]

Top 4 Types of Tech that SMBs Should Invest In

Technology is a growth-driver. If a company decides against embracing the latest innovations, they lag behind their competition. It’s just the way the current market operates. Here are the four types of tech towards which you, as a business owner, should allocate your valuable funds.