email security

Email Security Solution Checklist

Email security threats are very real and every business should invest in a email security solution and a partner. Use this checklist to evaluate your current solutions and if meets the standards required.

What’s best for your business: local backup or cloud backup?

Cloud or Local backup it’s worth understanding the pros and cons of both. The type you choose for your business will depend on the way you do business, as well as your mindset.
Cybersecurity training

How to tackle cybersecurity training for your staff

When it comes to preventing cyber attacks. Human error plays a major role, too, which means you need to tackle your staff’s training head-on
Risk assessment checklist

A step-by-step guide to performing an internal cybersecurity risk assessment

Excerpt (250-300 chars) Performing an internal cybersecurity risk assessment is a critical step in mitigating any potential threats and safeguarding your business’s data. The process is...
team support

Windows 7 end of life - and what means for your SMB

On January 14 2020, Microsoft will pull the plug for Windows 7 support. Here’s what that means for your business and how you can prepare.
Graphic of hacker fishing in other computer

5 ways phishing threatens your business

Phishing attacks can devastate your business. There are many out there, and the key to beating them is understanding how they work.
Graphic of cell phone and laptop

What is the 3-2-1 data rule and why does it matter?

Just having backups in place isn’t enough in 2019. You need strategy behind your IT, and the 3-2-1 backup rule can offer it to you. Here’s how to start.
Fraud message on screen

How to stop data loss dead in its tracks

Wondered how to stop a data lost disaster proactively? Read this - it’ll help you build a strong strategy to protect your data.
Businessman consulting employee

4 of the worst data breaches we’ve seen and what they teach us

Suffering a data breach is painful for a variety of reasons. In fact, the threat to organizations of all shapes and sizes is so great, news of any data breach is likely to send all business leaders into mild panic. And when the titans of industry fall, it’s particularly troubling.
Business man shifting through documents

Are your assets documented?

Asset documentation is important for business continuity. This can matter after a disaster, after someone leaves a team, etc. Thorough documentation is crucial to keeping companies running smoothly in the event of either a disaster or a team member exiting the company.