What is the difference between Microsoft 365 GCC and GCC High?

What is the difference between Microsoft 365 GCC and GCC High?

Difference between Microsoft GCC & GCC High?

In the complex landscape of government cloud computing, understanding the difference between Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC) and GCC High is pivotal for agencies seeking tailored solutions. At ICS Data, we specialize in making the differences between the two clear and easy to understand for governmental entities.

Microsoft 365 GCC

Microsoft 365 GCC is a strong cloud platform that provides important tools for productivity and teamwork, all while meeting strict rules for safety and following compliance standards.

GCC High

In contrast, GCC High offers even higher security, specially for organizations dealing with sensitive data and needing extra protection. 

Understanding the Differences

Understanding the differences between these options helps government agencies align in their cloud strategies with their specific needs and regulations. Whether it’s about adhering to stringent security protocols or meeting the requirements of U.S. citizens with specialized clearances, ICS Data equips organizations with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of government cloud services confidently. 

At ICS Data, we’re here to support government agencies in navigating the world of cloud computing. With our deep knowledge, understanding, and dedication to quality, we’re a reliable partner for managaing Microsoft cloud solutions within government settings. With our help, agencies can make informed decisions and smoothly incorporate cloud technology into their operations. Choose ICS Data for clear guidance and seamless transition to government cloud computing.

When to Use Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams

When to Use Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams

As a Microsoft Office 365 user, you have access to three tools that can help with document workflow, collaboration and storage. The programs that are used for this purpose in Office 365 are OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Each has a defined role to play, and if used as intended, can help manage work efficiently and effectively.


  1. This is your personal storage of your work documents.
  2. It is private to you.
  3. Use OneDrive when you are working on a document that you are not ready to share with your team for feedback. Once you are ready, you can share it on SharePoint (see details below).
  4. OneDrive is backed up to your Office 365 account in the event you have to transition to a new computer. Just sign into your Office 365 account to gain access to these files.
  5. While you can share files with others on OneDrive, this is not advisable. OneDrive is tied to an individual. When that person leaves the organization, so do the files stored on OneDrive.


  1. A great tool to use when collaborating with others on a document. Feedback from multiple parties can be tracked in one document. This cuts down on errors in documents and also ensures information that needs to be shared is not lost.
  2. You can create both sites for particular teams, or have a site visible to everyone in the organization. This is a great place to organize critical documentation teams need to do their work.
  3. Many companies use SharePoint for an internal intranet. Sites can be created as “read only,” with editing access  given to individuals in charge of keeping files up-to-date.
  4. SharePoint is a great way to keep an archive of company information. No matter how teams grow and change, the files on SharePoint stay put.


  1. Many companies use this tool for company meetings. It is easy to record the meetings you hold and have files available for later viewing for those who may have missed the gathering. You can easily post these files to a SharePoint site via Microsoft Stream, another program in Office 365.
  2. Gone are the days when you have to collaborate with teams just via email. Teams are a great way to share documents being worked on via SharePoint, as well as receive updates on changes and progress. This cuts down on the amount of emails exchanged in team settings as well.


If you ever run into questions, Office 365 has many easy-to-use tutorials to help you navigate your way through these beneficial tools for your business.  Or, get ahold of us!
10 Little-Known Google Docs Features

10 Little-Known Google Docs Features

We’ll admit, we can’t take credit for finding these Google Docs features (as anyone could discover them, and someone did). We’re here to communicate it to you.

If you use Google Docs, you’re one of G-Suite’s 2,000,000,000 monthly active users.

However, you may not be using it to its full potential.

Here are 10 little-known features that will save you countless hours (so you can work faster):


1. Need to create a new document?

Simply type docs.new in the browser.

When in need of a new Google Doc, open a fresh new document instantly:

  • Control + N on Windows (or Command + N on Mac)
  • Type docs.new
  • Start writing

See example…

ICS Data - Google Docs New Document

2. Have multiple Google accounts?

One of the most frustrating things with Google is switching between accounts. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with some shortcuts:

Adding a number after the docs.new URL will create a new document under that account.

Here’s how it works:

  • docs.new/1 creates a new Google doc in your primary account
  • docs.new/2 creates a new Google doc in your secondary account

It’s mind-blowing stuff…

3. Also, this works for all G-Suite apps:

4. What happens if you’re not connected to the internet?

Make your doc available offline, and use it like Microsoft Word


5. Tired of typing? Use voice.

Instead of tiring yourself typing and continually thinking of the next topic or idea, use Voice Typing.

To enable it, click Tools  Voice Typing.

It’s smart to outline your topic and thoughts prior to attempting to type.

6. Keep your word count while writing.

Jump over to Tools → Word Count (and check the box “Display word count while typing.”)

Now, it’s pinned to the bottom of your Google doc.

7. Working inside of a large Google doc?

It’s super easy to lose your spot in Google docs.

Keep organized with a table of contents so that you’ll never lose where you’re at.

Click Insert  Table of Contents

Now, you’ll always know where you’re at!

8. Looking to find where you left off in your previous Google Doc change?

When you’re finished with your Google doc session, highlight your last sentence and leave a comment.

Be strategic and write a note of where you’re currently at. But best of all, save your thoughts for the next day: as questions, answer them, and set yourself up for success.

Stay ahead of the game.


9. Adjust access for collaborators

Access by File  Share

Access control is great if you need to share your Google doc with others.

10. Learn keyboard shortcuts to have full control over your Google docs

In order to keep yourself working fasters, you’ll want to master Google Docs’ shortcuts:

ICS Data - Google Docs

(Case Study) West Michigan Dental Company Leverages Technology

(Case Study) West Michigan Dental Company Leverages Technology

“[ICS Data], and working with Blake and the whole team has allowed us to hit the easy button. We needed a company that allowed us to do everything comprehensively, and leverage technology, from A to Z, and also make it very simple.”

– Jared Van Ittersum, Infinity Dental Co-Owner

Dr. Jared Van Ittersum & Dr. Elias Achey are business partners at Infinity Dental, a privately-held, West Michigan-based Dental company with four locations. 

Being innovative, they’ve known that their goal has always been to provide the ultimate patient experience, and they wanted to innovate in a new way for their latest location, Spring Lake.

They needed a way to leverage technology, and also needed a company to help bring these ideas to life. Queue in, ICS Data.


We take pride in our 30+ years of experience, knowledge, and quality service to deliver solutions that tailor to our client’s needs. We understand that IT can be difficult, but we strive to make it as easy as possible so that conversations are smooth.

Whether we’re running cable, setting up networks, or managing your businesses IT, we’re in it because we value the relationships we have with our clients, and we believe that’s most important.

When Infinity reached out about mounting TVs on the ceiling so that their patients could have a better experience, we put on our thinking caps and got the job done.


By understanding that individuals aren’t naturally excited to go to the dentist, we [ICS] were able to quickly find technological solutions that worked to help meet Infinity’s patients needs.

So, what’d we do?

We took a holistic approach, like we would with any of our clients. First, we knew that they needed a number of computers and systems with a great network so that we were able to support their idea of patients experiencing the dentist in the utmost positive way.


ICS Data - Managed IT Services
ICS Data - Security Services
ICS Data - Networking
ICS Data - Business Continuity