ICS Data - How better communication boosts productivity

How better communication boosts productivity

A lot of problems that arise from working in a group tie back to a lack of communication. Not only does better communication eliminate problems, but a good team can become a great team if they make a habit of maintaining effective communication.

There are a lot of tools and apps at your disposal that increases the availability of all the members of your team, and the results can be transformative.

Avoid miscommunication

A lot of errors in execution can be tied back to differing expectations or misunderstandings. Obviously, this is eliminated when communication can be maintained throughout a project.

If there is a question about a procedure or if an unexpected circumstance crops up, having a decision-maker at your fingertips not only makes it easy to check in for instruction but also makes snags in a project much less stressful for all involved.

Better communication habits also help with managing client relationships. When you can communicate with clarity, you are much more likely to end up on the same page as your client.

Get faster responses

With better avenues of communication, whether it be a messaging app or a VoIP network, it’s much easier to transmit important information around the company.

If a question comes up that you can’t answer or if you find that you need to get the team back on target, a 10-minute phone call is easy to schedule and execute with a VoIP phone network. Just call into the central hub number and everyone can participate in a quick meeting.

Similarly, instant messaging is great for fast answers and quick feedback. Shooting a message back and forth is incredibly fast and can make a big difference when someone just needs a quick clarification.

The right tools make quick communication easy. Your team can stay more agile while in better contact with one another.

Increased availability

Different types of communication are best for different purposes and allow better connectivity than one medium alone.

A face-to-face meeting is great for clarifying details and question-and-answer type conversations. Emails are great for long term correspondence. Instant messaging is awesome for quick questions. Videoconferencing, among other things, is ideal for talking with remote workers.

By utilizing different avenues of communication, you can account for all kinds of situations and levels of urgency. You can keep information flowing and available.

Increased availability of communication also helps greatly with client relationships, as if there is any ambiguity your representative is available somehow. Being able to reach out with questions will make your clients feel better listened to and more at ease.

Departmental cooperation

When making your team more interconnected, different departments will come into better contact. This is always a great thing for any organization.

Better communication makes for better cooperation. Processes will get smoothed out and priorities reexamined.

For example, if production is doing something that makes things more difficult on your quality control team, good communication between teams will allow them to solve the problem proactively. You may not even have to get involved.

Imagine that. The team solving problems for themselves.

The ease of communication between the process makes the entire organization more agile.

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In summation

Better communication makes for better business.

Whether that means implementing new tools or incorporating new practices, examine how your organization communicates internally and externally.

If you find room for improvement but you’re not sure how to fix it, don’t hesitate to ask the experts. Communication is our strong suit, and we’d like to help you make it yours.