ICS Data - iOS vs. Android

iOS vs Android

There you are, at the Cellular Phone store, deciding which phone to replace your older smartphone.  Should you go with iPhone, or should you go with Samsung, or yet another android device?  Your friends passionately tell you to get an iPhone, because they love it.  Yet some of the tech friends you have are telling you always go for Android.  How do you decide?  The good news, both types of phones can do almost all of the same stuff, so you may not notice much difference regardless of what you choose.  But, in case you are really on the fence, here are some great things to know about each one.

We the people….

When mobile operating systems were first being designed, they were developed around 2 common ancestors: Unix, and Linux.  Unix is what Apple uses, because it is made and tested very thoroughly by private companies, and is locked in a way that only allows them to modify and release patches and updates for it.  Very reliable, but somewhat “boxed” in to whatever their idea is for what you need.  Because of this the programming isn’t free, and reflects in the final product’s price.  Android OS has roots in Linux, which looks and feels very similar.  Although Google develops Android, they leave it quite open for modification. This not only allows larger phone companies to create their own distinct “Flavor”, but also the end user.  Think of it as Made for the people, by the people.

New Fangled Gadgets

If you were to take a current Android phone, and a current iPhone apart, and look at the tech that runs each phone, you will notice something very obvious.  Most Android phones will have what’s considered “cutting edge” tech, the latest wireless charging, maximum resolution and graphics coprocessors, ridiculous battery sizes and so on.  Then looking into the iPhone, you will usually see what’s considered “safe tech”, or technology that’s been in place for some time, but well tested and very well utilized.  This doesn’t mean the iPhone isn’t a great option, but it does mean you might miss out on what the latest tech can do for you.

Hey that’s mine

Probably the biggest thing that a lot of Android enthusiast will stand behind in their decisions, is customization.  You can change everything in the look and feel of the interface on the phones.  From the locations and icons used for buttons, to the way you navigate the phone, with themes, custom launches, and in-depth settings customizations, that phone can be as unique as you are.  iPhone, being more private in its design, doesn’t have those options available to it, so if you’re not one who prefers that grid layout, uniformly shaped icons, and having a phone that’s only unique by the case that holds it, iPhone may not be for you.

All in all, to me, there is no clear winner in the “Who’s better” question.  It all depends on what’s important to you.  I’ve listed what I see as the 3 biggest things that would sway a decision for someone truly on the fence.  Most importantly, any way you decide, enjoy the phone, they’re both designed for that!