New Ways Antivirus is Being Licensed

There are new ways for small businesses to protect their computers. Before, anti-virus software was typically licensed to computers by using stand-alone licenses, or computers (client) receiving their antivirus from a local server hosting the software. When it comes time to renew the license in a non-managed environment it can become tedious and time consuming updating the license for each computer. Additionally, security can fall by the wayside as updates have to be installed manually, and as new security threats arise, there may be a time delay between when a security update is released and when it was applied.

To circumvent these frustrations, cloud based anti-virus is becoming increasingly more popular due to its many advantages. Servers and computers have a one-time software installation, and past that point they receive updates automatically from the cloud. This offers near instant protection as updates are applied as soon as they are received. Additionally, license management is easy as once it is purchased and applied on the license portal, all devices with the software installed become activated.

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