On the Edge of Updates

Microsoft has been working diligently on an exciting Windows 10 20H1 update. Launching in spring 2020, this update is expected to be much larger than Windows 10’s November 2019 update. It includes the highly anticipated new Chromium-based Edge browser with support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and for extensions. 

What Does This Mean For Enterprise Customers?

The new Microsoft Edge will also include an Internet Explorer mode for a seamless experience across internal sites. More importantly, Progressive Web Apps will be treated as native apps and opens the way for many enterprise advantages. For example, web apps would appear independently in Windows 10’s Task Manager. It will allow web apps to display notification badges, and it will also let you uninstall the apps from the Start menu or settings.

How Will This Affect End Users?

The Windows 10 update will include new privacy-enhancing features, like tracking prevention that’ll now be on by default as well as a new InPrivate mode across your entire web experience (meaning your online searches and browsing will not attributed to you). Microsoft Edge will also receive a fresh user interface, the ability to activate Microsoft exclusive and Chrome extensions, and a highly customizable interface with a light and dark mode (we know, dark-mode, get pumped).

Why We’re Looking Forward to the Spring Update

The old Microsoft Edge was sluggish. Fortunately, the new Chromium version is expected to be much more efficient and draw far less load on the CPU. Overall, media heavy sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix load up faster, without any noticeable lag in load time or when scrolling. Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux systems, the new Microsoft Edge is positioned to be a truly modern cross platform business and end-user web solution finally sharing the stage with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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Sneak peak at our website on the new Microsoft Edge.