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Developmental Enhancement

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Dr. David Laman founded DE after more than 20 years of working with children and adolescents who were experiencing all sorts of developmental, emotional, and behavioral issues. His desire was to develop behavioral health services that were truly built around the needs of children and families. All too often, children are treated as though they are mini-adults. Nothing could be further from the truth. Children and adolescents are continually developing physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, etc.

Project Goals

Developmental Enhancement is a fast-growing company that needs flexibility and scalability as it is not only adding employees, but locations as well.  They had two locations, were adding a third, and wanted easy communication and unification between all locations.  They didn’t want too pricey of a system, but needed the ability to scale on demand and have up to date features.  An on-premise solution wouldn’t do well as they didn’t want to worry about hosting a phone server of their own.


ICS Voice’s hosted PBX product was the perfect solution.  On demand scalability is easy, and multi-location operations are no problem.  When DE added an employee, we are able to deploy phones quickly.  When adding their Holland location, we were able to get them up and running right away.  We customized features for call flow and voicemail in order to meet their exact needs.


Scalability, flexibility, and features all combined to make a very valuable solution for DE that increased efficiency and performance.  With all locations connected to a simple, easy to learn and use system, all employees are able to have a productivity boost.  Onsite customization, training, and ongoing support allows for continued optimization and efficiency.  By not purchasing an expensive onsite PBX, DE saved on upfront cost while keeping their monthly cost in check with ICS Voice.