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Grand Haven Custom Molding

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Project Description

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Grand Haven Custom Molding is a full-service plastic injection molder; producing millions of parts each year for manufacturing industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Hydroculture, Healthcare, Industrial, Consumer, Electronic, and more. Their capabilities allow them to serve customers with a variety of production needs, including Specialized Injection Molding, CNC Machining, and Rapid Prototyping for high volume parts manufacturing, all with the expertise to meet their customers’ needs.

The Challenge

The team at Grand Haven Custom Molding had created a huge demand for their products in a short period of time. With upcoming demand and growth came the necessity to ensure that the IT software and hardware in place would be up to the task of facilitating a continuous manufacturing process. GHCM made the decision on an ERP system that would meet their needs as well as their clients’. While their team would handle the task of implementing the procedures within the company to accommodate this new investment, they needed an IT partner that was capable of installing and configuring the various hardware and software services that would be needed.


An initial project planning meeting was held which outlined hardware, software, and network upgrades that would be needed to enable GHCM to plan, monitor, and report on their machines in real-time. ICS Data would be responsible for installing and configuring this infrastructure, as well as providing onsite support for the ERP implementation team.


We provided multiple switch upgrades using existing fiber connectivity between various locations throughout the facility. Additionally, we installed a complete wireless mesh network which covered all 150,000 square feet of the building. Several new virtual servers were turned-up to house the ERP software platform as well as the software needed to monitor real-time status on injection molding machines. Camera systems were installed in material silos to allow monitoring of levels. When all of these systems were in place we ensured an Always Available production floor with the use of multiple virtual replication strategies.

We are proud to continue to support Grand Haven Custom Molding for all of their IT needs. ERP growth continues with the addition of hand scanner units, tablets, and mobile workstations on the shop floor to allow a complete, streamlined experience.