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Project Description

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Love in Action provides twenty-seven individual services, all of which are made possible through financial contributions, volunteer hours, and other resources by our network of churches, businesses, and the Tri-Cities Community.

The Challenge

Love in Action is a unique non-profit organization in that they provide healthcare services. This means they are subject to HIPAA guidelines on how to use IT. With compliance in mind, they needed an IT company that was capable of delivering secure email, server resources, and wireless and wired networking. Perhaps more important than the need for great IT support was the additional need for a flexible IT partner that could work with the organization to educate and implement these new requirements.


The first step in helping Love in Action was to analyze the existing setup and contrast that to the requirements of HIPAA. We worked with the Executive Director and Clinic Director to come up with a list of issues and phases of completion that included products and services from ICS Data as well as training and procedure changes that would need to be performed inside the organization.


ICS Data replaced an aging server and upgraded the network topology to include Active Directory for centralized user administration. We centralized all storage and provided offsite and local backups for complete, versioned protection. We also provided a wireless mesh system and seamlessly migrated all existing email data onto Office 365 Services. With Office 365 in place, we configured and trained users in end-to-end email encryption and archival tools.

To secure the network from outside attacks we provided a new enterprise grade routing solution. Complete with Gateway antivirus and application filtering, among other features, this appliance provides Love in Action with gateway security that can be proven effective in the event of an audit.