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Tech Buying Tips

There are always advertisements- online, on the television, while we hold for customer services, and on the radio that tell us what to buy.  But there’s not nearly as much that talks about how to buy.  When it comes to the Tech world, there’s a ton of questions floating around regarding what’s the latest, is it worth buying now, and when will it be obsolete.  Here are some great tips on what to consider when buy new tech out there.

Everyone’s doing it

If you’re considering buying into new technology, consider the question, “is there more than 1 company doing this?”  Too often we see this cool new gadget, and often it’s a hit holiday item.  But there’s only one or two companies actually making or pushing said product.  That happened with the Furby, micro USB phone fans, and the Zune.  Everyone who bought into that “cool” new tech was regretting it sometime after.  But, consider this:  VR, Drones, and 4K televisions.  These are all examples of tech that’s not only taken off, but evolved and is steadily becoming part of our daily lives in just the few short years the technology has been around.  Each one of these had one thing in common – competition.  There are a bunch of companies competing, developing, and advancing these things to perfection.  So it’d not only be safe to say these are great technologies to buy into, but if you’re looking at anything else, just check to see if other companies are making that product too.

Future proof yourself

Many technologies are designed as is, and may be new today, but inevitably will become old tomorrow.  However, many technologies are either strong enough to be a standard for years to come, or have the ability to upgrade or adapt to what’s coming around the corner, at least for a little while.  When a device comes out and has an operating system, it will inevitably have operating system updates.  And maybe even firmware updates.  Over time, your device won’t be powerful enough to accept those updates, and this will eventually lead to its inability to do the tasks it was designed to do.  So when looking at these devices, get the most updated options.  It will be worth it in the long run.

Black Friday Bust

We all know the biggest shopping day of the year is Black Friday.  However, you may not be aware of what you get in the tech world on Black Friday.  Virtually everything is on sale in tech this holiday season, and you’re guaranteed to get some really great prices on some cool stuff.  But keep this in mind: if It’s not sold at other times, it’s not a quality item.  So sure, get that great deal on the Xbox you wanted for Christmas, or some really great earbuds for the family.  But don’t buy into the door buster deal for a one day only deal on a TV, or a Black Friday edition PC.  These aren’t the regular items you’ll see every day, and use the lowest quality parts and virtually no quality control.  This can lead to strange warranties, device failures, and little or no support options with issues.  So enjoy your shopping sprees, just be cautious about Black Friday Door Busters.