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The best mobile apps for business leaders on the go

If you’re a small business leader, your day begins and end with your business. It’s becoming easier and easier thanks to the cloud. Now you can work wherever you are—whether you’re at home, traveling or even stuck in a meeting.

Whether you use iOS or Android, you have access to great apps that let you work on the go. But even if you have a set of mobile apps you like, it’s worth checking out our list.

You’re probably already used to the idea of upgrading your smartphone every now and then. It’s also important to periodically upgrade your apps and services. New options come along, and you may find something that’s a better fit for how you work.

We’ve compiled a list of recommended apps for busy business leaders, broken down into three key categories: communications, productivity, and finance.



The mainstay of internet voice calls and messaging is still a reliable source. It’s evolved over the years to include modern features like HD video calls and screen-sharing. However, it’s still is an exceptional choice for calls.


Microsoft’s IM platform has an excellent mobile app and comes with deep integration into the entire Office 365 suite baked right in. If you’re already a Microsoft shop, it’s a logical choice. There’s even a free option, so there’s absolutely no risk to giving it a whirl.


Instant messaging has come a long way from ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger. Slack takes messaging to the modern, business crowd by providing a service that’s all about collaboration. It’s secure, has deep integration into a number of other apps, and has a flexible, fully featured API.



One of the most powerful and comprehensive mobile offerings is Office 365. It’s not hard to find success stories of businesses who have made the transition, and its mobile offerings are impressive.

Office 365 includes all of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint), as well as email through Outlook, and cloud storage through OneDrive. An extremely powerful resource for collaboration is also included, OneNote, which lets you share documents and files in a flexible manner.


Odds are you’re not just chatting when you’re trying to communicate with your team, but you’re trying to manage projects and teams, as well. BaseCamp is a fantastic tool for tracking tasks, checking in on teams and messaging your staff.


One of the oldest cloud and mobile apps is still in the game. When you have files and you need them wherever you are, don’t forget about DropBox. Taking the mantra of doing one thing and doing it well, you can rely on them for easy access, syncing and sharing.



Accounting in the modern age is in the cloud and it’s mobile. QuickBooks handles your businesses finances and is always up to date and always available. It’s a robust suite of tools for tracking your company’s financials, whether it’s the 10,000-foot view or getting down into the weeds and tracking mileage and individual invoices.


Your business is nothing without sales and customers, and SalesForce is the app to use to manage both. Their mobile app is particularly great for business leaders with dynamic and insightful executive dashboards. They go further and offer several focused apps focused on marketing and social media and even options for building your custom mobile apps.


When you’re a leader on the go, you’re going to need your money available on the go, too. Cash is a service powered by Square Credit Card Processing, so you can trust that it’s a secure and reliable way to make those one-off payments for a business lunch or splitting a Lyft back to a hotel after a conference.