Top 5 Customer Challenges

Choosing the right IT service provider to add to your team can be a daunting task that can leave you running in circles. In order for us to provide the best service for our clients, it’s important to understand where our customers have struggled the most, and uncovering common pain points that keep them from moving forward with a team they feel confident in. Here are a few of the top customer challenges we’ve helped address.

1. Email & Network Defense

All it takes is one phishing attack or spoofed email to cost your organization dearly. These could be, for example, impersonations of your company’s President or CEO asking for information, prompting you to make a catastrophic click. New research by Vailmail found that 3.4 billion fake emails are sent each day worldwide. In their quarterly report, Vailmail also highlights that email impersonations made up 1.2 percent of all emails sent during Q1 of 2019. 

Because threats like these travel directly by email into your network, it is vital to stop them before they attack. We use Email Laundry Advanced AntiSpam AntiPhishing for potential threat and impersonation detection. This product, layered with other lines of defense allows your business to stay safe against even the most sophisticated email threats.

2. Improving Internal Processes with IT

Internal processes ultimately have one sole purpose — to help service external customers. Internal decisions, such as improving your current phone system, looking for ways to reduce response times, or going paperless, can create a positive impact on your customer’s experience. 

Our team works diligently to understand the foundation of your business and your processes to find areas of improvement for long-term sustainability and growth.

3. Out of Office: Working Remote

According to Buffer’s 2019 State of Remote Report, there are several advantages of working remotely for employees including: a flexible schedule, the ability to work from any location, and more time with family. Many employers are embracing this work style because of the benefits they bring to them like more engaged team members, increased productivity, and lower overhead costs. Ensuring your company is prepared to take on employees working remotely is the first step to keep your process running seamlessly. 

If you’re considering offering this to your employees, think about how your business communicates, shares data, and collaborates. When you’re ready to implement this practice, we can help by building custom networks designed for your business to help your onsite and remote employees succeed. 

4. Fuel Growth with Scalable IT Infrastructure

Hardware, software, network, and human resources are a few of the key components that make up your IT infrastructure. These allow your business to deliver the best solutions and services to your employees and customers. But what if your business is growing and you’re preparing to hire more team members? Will your current network be able to handle this type of growth?

The better technology solutions are designed to meet your business needs, the more rapidly and cost effectively you can innovate and grow. And, by understanding your workflows, we can implement the right network that takes your existing infrastructure, devices, and applications to the next level of performance.

5. Affordability of Services and Hardware

Many customers make purchasing decisions on new hardware or software solutions based solely on price. It’s important to understand that not all hardware or software are made equal in their ability to help you evolve. Quality, longevity, and future-proofing. These are three of the most important factors to ensure your hardware and software delivers a better ROI, increases efficiency, enhances productivity, and reduces risk. 

We partner with some of the best brands in the industry to deliver appropriate and custom solutions for your company’s needs and goals. Our initial assessment of your current hardware/software will help us identify gaps, risks, and opportunities to develop appropriate recommendations that allow for growth to drive your business forward.

Our process has been refined by over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. We start by defining your needs then work with you to create a custom plan and implement new solutions. Our promise is to stay proactive and be there for you from start to finish with reliable support.