USecure Awareness Training

When our customers think about our role in cyber-security as their IT Partner, it’s very common to hear about the hardware and software recommended to protect their users. However, the technologies that we offer can only go so far to combat attackers. Your company’s users represent the most important defense against an attack. With that in mind, ICS Data has partnered with USecure User Awareness training to provide training courses and anti-Phishing programs at no-cost to our Managed Partners.

USecure is a global provider of innovative solutions that centre around empowering your users to make better security decisions in their daily work life. Everything we do is targeted towards one goal: Transforming your workforce into a cyber security asset.”

What Makes USecure Different?

USecure provides simplified training that is personalized for your users’ unique learning needs. Every individual has cyber security knowledge gaps, every training is doctored to each individual. Meaning every training is specialized for each individual, not one training course for all.

UPhish – ( Phishing Simulation Software )

Enables you to automate a diverse range of phishing attacks over time, tracking key trends and user performance data.

  • Assessing User Susceptibility – Helps determine how vulnerable users are to a wide range of phishing attacks.
  • Monitor User Risk – Helps monitor user performance and understands user behavior with phishing trends.
  • Transform User Behavior – Combat and report attacks with phishing awareness courses.

ULearn – (Security Awareness Training)

Educates users with continual training programs to help address individual security knowledge gaps.

  • Evaluate User Risk – Building user risk profiles.
  • Educate Workforce – Based off risk profiles, personalized training is developed.
  • Simulate Phishing Tests – Automated and manual phishing simulations to measure behavior changes over time.
  • Automate Admin Tasks – Hassle free, eliminates scheduling, chasing inactive users, enrolls new users, compiles reports for continuous learning .
  • Calculate User Progress – In-depth reporting on security culture.

UBreach – (Email Exposure Check)

Regular exposure checks are ran to detect email breaches.

  • Search Breached Databases – Deep dive into 1000’s of public data dumps, paste sites and breached data forums.
  • Locate Exposed Accounts – Identify exposed employee accounts, this data can be access and used by attackers (email addresses, passwords, phone numbers).
  • Report On At-Risk Users – Up-to-date Ubreach report, displays exposed accounts, source of breach and exposed data.

UPolicy – (Simplified Policy Management)

 Simplified policy management, keeping users up-to-date on standards, expectations, potential risks and liabilities.

  • Centralized Policies In One Place – Single system to upload, create and store documents.
  • Simplify Review and Approval Process – Email alerts for new or updated policies.
  • Measure Users Acknowledgement – Track users, issue reminders.

Risk Score – (Cyber Risk Calculator)

Tracking employee security awareness over time.

  • Combine User Performance Metrics – Representation of users current cyber threat levels, using UPhish, ULearn and UBreach.
  • Assess Individual Cyber Risk – Grades risk level of “low, medium, or high”, user grades automatically update depending on USecure performance.
  • Digest Company-wide Risk Score – Evaluates threat level of the entire business.

While there are many tools built within the USecure platform, please don’t be overwhelmed. The usage of the system takes very little time and many of our clients are finding that once users are on boarded, users get training on a regular basis without the need for any work from management. The system continues to offer training and runs reports at any interval you want (monthly is most popular), to keep management apprised of how things are going.

Want to turn your employees into guardians of your company data? Contact us today to discuss your options.