Remote Work

Work Remotely with Security

In today’s digital world, it has become commonplace to let employees work remotely, as it can boost creativity, contribute to employee satisfaction, and studies have proven that it does not negatively impact business. The accessibility to systems that allow companies to adopt this practice is extremely beneficial, especially during this time, when remote work is becoming widely accepted. 

While allowing employees to work remotely, it’s important for companies to ensure that they have a secure network and best practices set in place. This way, their systems will not be compromised. The last thing your business needs is for someone to access sensitive data through an un-safe WiFi network. This being said, you’ll want to take the necessary steps to minimize and eliminate any potential risks that may arise. That’s where ICS Data is here to help!

At ICS Data, we can offer numerous services, such as network security, email defense, cloud services, secure file sharing, and much more. Let’s take a deeper dive into a few of the services we offer and tips to help protect your remote workforce.

Ensure Network security

It’s essential to have a secure network for your business to prevent data breaches and unwarranted cyber attacks, especially when your employees are working from various locations. You’ll also want to educate your employees on this topic. If your employees use an un-safe WiFi network, they are putting your company at risk for exposure to a data breach. One easy solution is to require employees to use a VPN (virtual private network) before signing on to public WiFi. This way, the VPN will encrypt the internet traffic and make sure there is nothing hazardous coming through.  It’s important to choose the right VPN. Our team at ICS Data can help you find the right option. At ICS, we utilize systems to create an effective and efficient line of defense around your network. We can help you block threats across devices and with automatic updates, your firewalls will be ahead of the curve. We will help you utilize a firewall appliance that can block unwanted traffic before it reaches your users.

Password Protection

Proper password protection can be a major key in protecting your company’s data. It’s important to educate remote workers on not using the same password for every login. One way to mitigate the risk of a data breach is by utilizing an encrypted password manager that can randomly generate passwords and easily store them. 

Cloud services

While working remotely, it’s important to have access to cloud services that simplify team collaboration, regardless of your company’s size. At ICS, we can help you determine which option will be the best fit for your business, as the right technology makes a big difference. We will help you find the most cost efficient option with smart integrations that make it easier to do more, in less time, while keeping your company’s information secure.

Secure file sharing

File sharing is a necessity when your employees are working from different locations and need to easily collaborate. Fortunately, at ICS, we offer solutions with powerful admin controls and security integrations that automatically syncs data between servers, connected devices, and the cloud. We can help protect your company’s vulnerability to a potential file sharing data breach. 

Email defense

Whether or not you work remotely, it’s important to have a secure email system in place. At ICS, we can customize the level of security that makes sense for your business. Email threats have become more dangerous and it’s critical to keep your people and data safe. We can help provide effortless protection. No matter where your employees are located, they can take confidence in knowing that their company’s email system is protected. 

In short, while working remotely is a simple and safe solution for many companies, it is essential to have secure systems in place for your business.

What are you waiting for? Protect your data and servers from a potential and unwanted cyber attack, by getting in touch with ICS Data today.