IT Budget

How to develop a strategic IT budget for your small business

IT governs a lot of modern business activities, especially when you want to be future-focused or hold a lot of client data. Because of how important IT is, you need to take a strategic approach to creating a budget. With a few simple tips, you'll enjoy an IT strategy that benefits your business, without breaking the bank.
Cybersecurity training

How to tackle cybersecurity training for your staff

When it comes to preventing cyber attacks. Human error plays a major role, too, which means you need to tackle your staff’s training head-on
Fraud message on screen

How to stop data loss dead in its tracks

Wondered how to stop a data lost disaster proactively? Read this - it’ll help you build a strong strategy to protect your data.

The SMB owner’s phone system buying guide

Effective communication is essential to modern business survival and success. Your phone system should be reinforcing your strengths. This guide will help clarify some aspects of upgrading or purchasing a phone system that fits your business priorities.

The complete guide to SMB cybersecurity

An MSP or IT department has the responsibility of monitoring the network for malware attacks. Increasingly, small businesses are being targeted by phishing and ransomware attacks. These scams are often propagated through email, so employee education and awareness are vital elements of prevention.